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ICOMITEE 2021 will be conducted in a hybrid format: an in-person conference and a virtual conference

The in-person conference program is designed for participants who can attend the conference in person at the conference venue (el Hotel Royale Banyuwangi). This program includes two-day usual live conference events and sessions such as opening/closing ceremonies, welcome reception, plenary sessions with keynotes, technical sessions, coffee breaks, lunches and award dinner, etc. All registered in-person participants will be able to attend these sessions and events at the conference venue. Only these papers that can be presented in-person will be included in the two-day in-person conference program. All presentations at technical sessions will be delivered in person at the conference venue. 

For virtual conference, the registered virtual attendees will be provided appropriate links to attend plenary and technical sessions and other events whenever feasible and convenient. This Option is for the Participants who would like to Record the Presentation and play it than Presenting Live at the Conference. The Presenter should record the 15 Minutes Video Presentation and send it to us. (The Video should be 12 minutes or Lesser). The Organizing Committee will play the Video in your Presentation Slot. The Presenter should be present during your presentation slot, especially for the Q&A Session (03 Minutes Q&A).


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